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Wilfred Petherbridge and Noah Jimmy were invited to Mumbai, India in November 2016 to collaborate and create with dancers and musicians from India. The product of this process is a piece of music and dance named Jugaad, performed as part of Thespo Festival at the Prithvi Theatre in December 2016.

Wilfred Petherbridge (UK) - Composer

Noah Jimmy (AUS) - Choreographer

Keith Sequeira (IN) - Musician

Tapaz Boro (IN) - Dancer

Manisha Malakar (IN) - Dancer 

Jimit Thaker (IN) - Dancer

Dwarkesh Soni (IN) - Dancer

Meghana Telang (IN) - Producer

Shraddah Patil (IN) - Stage Manager

This website is designed to offer a glimpse of our process making the show.

It is in no way a direct representation of the final piece itself. 

Think of it more as a behind the scenes type of thing. 

Whilst devising the show we created a library of movement and sound.

The library was created by extracting small musical and 

choreographic elements from larger bodies of solo improvised material.

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