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Composer/Sound Designer

The biography/bibliography of H P Lovecraft, the one hour, two-man play charts the highlights and pitfalls of the master of horror; H P Lovecraft.

From his strange relationship with his mother, to his racist tendencies, Between historical references are fictional reenactments of some of HP’s famous works that culminate in Lovecraft’s demise.

★★★ - British Theatre Guide

★★★★ - The Stage

★★★★ - Culture Fix

666/666 - Horror Hothouse

Show of The Week - Vault Festival 2018



Composer/Sound Designer

Goblin. Troll. Pathetic. These are some of the ways Jess describes herself. This 50-minute solo tragicomedy follows Jess over the course of three months as she makes ill-advised and embarrassing attempts to “love” herself. It’s rip-your-heart-out-sad and wet-yourself-funny, and for anyone who’s ever looked in the mirror and wanted to vom.

Written and performed by Caterina Incisa and directed by Anna Marshall, 0 Days Without Crying aims to find the humour in self-loathing without offering a solution. Developed in Montreal, Canada at the Playwrights’ Workshop Young Creators Unit, 0 Days Without Crying enjoyed a sell-out run at the 2017 Montreal Fringe, where it received excellent reviews and was nominated for The Freestanding Room Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Places.

★★★★ - London Theatre 1Sound design by Wilfred Petherbridge frames Jess’s descent into panic and despair

★★★★ - Secret Review LDN - Wilfred Petherbridge’s sound design and musical composition was excellent, providing both a metaphorical and literal representation of Jess’s aggressive, intrusive thoughts.

★★★★ - Breaking The Fourth Wall

★★★★ - London Box Office

★★★★ - London Pub Theatres

The Sissy Project


Musician/Performer - Trumpet

Nando Messias was beaten up on the street behind Toynbee Studios in an act of homophobic hatred. After years of dreaming up his response, he presents The Sissy’s Progress, a spectacle of provocation, celebration and hyperflamboyance.  


Part dance-theatre, part walking performance, The Sissy’s Progress leads its audience out onto the streets with a live marching band playing original music composed by Jordan Hunt. A veritable shock of brassy celebration and gender identity. 


The Guardian Review



Musical Director/Performer

A government declares war on its people. A queen prepares for battle. Somewhere in the countryside a printing press whirs into life. Babylon is a rousing show about society, the media and what we chose to stand up for. A show with its heart on its sleeve and drink firmly in hand. 

Babylon was produced during January 2016, an adaptation of a show performed by The Flanagan Collective during 2015. This incarnation was performed first at The Vault Festival 2016 then at The Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016.

The score consists of simple song writing, caberet style tunes, aggressive mutated trumpets and live sampling.


The Flanagan Collective are a critically acclaimed UK theatre company. Led by Alexander Wright (Belt Up Theatre) and Brian Hook (The Arts Theatre, West End) the company create work across the UK. 




Musician - Guitar/Electronics

I joined the collective in January 2016 and performed the score (composed by Jim Harbourne) at The Vault Festival 2016, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016 and at Greenwich Theatre. The Flanagan Collective are an associate company at York Theatre Royal. 


J runs so fast she bursts in to a million tiny pieces, her atoms unknitting themselves and spreading across the universe. Blair stands on a broken pier with a glass of white wine in one hand and a pint of Guinness in the other, looking up at the stars.

Grandchildren of Hiroshima



The Grandchildren of Hiroshima is an oral history and performance project, rooted in interviews between local children in Hiroshima and survivors who were the children’s age when 

the bomb was dropped.

Like its predecessor, The Grandchildren of Hiroshima is rooted in interviews between children in Hiroshima and survivors of the Atomic bombing of the city in 1945; the children will be the same age as the elders were when they lived through the bomb. 


The project was performance in Hiroshima, Japan in August 2015, to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Hopelessly Devoted


Co-Musical Director/Performer

Can theatre help people question politics? 

In the lead up to the 2015 election Bubble will be bringing together an intergenerational group to research, explore and make theatre around the subject of why people are turned off by the electoral system (and yet think British Democracy is so great). 


Starting in September 2014 we are inviting newly enfranchised voters to interview stakeholders in the political system - MPs, councillors, winners and losers. These interviews will be recorded, transcribed and then developed by an intergenerational community company working with specialist artists to shape the material into a performance piece intended to provoke debate and understanding in early 2015.

Millenium Green


Musical Director/Performer

London Bubble, working with the Year Four class from Holy Trinity Primary School in Lewisham, developed a promenade piece of theatre for the Albion Millennium Green.

'Breathing Space' was inspired by the Albion Millennium Green, Maurice Sendak's, wonderful, 'Where The Wild Things Are' and original stories written by Holy Trinity CofE school's Year 4 class.

As the musical director, I wrote a song surrounding the lives of the ants, one of the main groups of characters within the piece. I also arranged soundscapes consisting of recordings I made of the kids and their ideas of environments like a wolves lair or an ants nest, might sound like. Both of which were scenes within the piece. 


The promenade piece was performed on 11th July 2013 as part of Sydenham Arts Festival.



Musical Director/Performer

Astronomical brought over forty performers from different generations together to create a new piece of theatre, led by a team of young and emerging artists – director Julia Voce, writer Seriol Davies and composers Richard Flanagan, Wilfred Petherbridge and Sofia Paschou.


I worked with fellow composer Richard Flannigan to produce the music for this piece. We bought an old piano, ripped it apart and used the harp left on the inside to produce 'star like' tones. We used varous digital effects to enhance its sound. Guitar, trumpet and keys were also included in the instrumentation.


The show was performed in December 2009 at The Albany Theatre, Deptford.

Urban Dreams


Performer - Trumpet/Euphonium 

Urban Dreams was created by more than 150 Londoners of all ages, working alongside professional theatre-makers, artists and musicians.  

It explored the beautiful mystery and purpose of dreams and involved masks, puppetry, projection and performance - all enhanced by a live band. 


The production continued London Bubble's commitment to bringing participants of all ages together to make theatre on a public-scale, and followed previous productions Forty Walls, Ten Doors (2007), Myths, Rituals & Whitegoods (2006), and The Gathering (2005).


The piece was performed in many venues around south London during the summer of 2008

Forty Walls and Ten Doors


Performer - Trumpet

London. A city of people and their stories... 

A city of walls that can imprison or protect, and doors that slam shut, or lead to new stories – and new people.  


Forty Walls, Ten Doors was been created by more than 70 Londoners of all ages, working alongside professional theatre-makers and musicians. The participants' own stories were interwoven with modern-day fairy tales to create a snaking, embracing, theatrical biography of a city and its claustrophobia.  


The production continued London Bubble's commitment to bringing participants of all ages together to make theatre on a public-scale, and follows recent productions The Gathering (2005) and Myths, Rituals and Whitegoods (2006)


Performer - Trumpet

Alongside the main summer tour of Metamorphoses, London Bubble ran a major participatory project involving 65 people of all ages, drawn from the company's resident theatre groups.  In Myths, Rituals and Whitegoods, stories from Ovid were interwoven with spectacle and stories exploring mankind's love/hate relationship with consumer goods. 

The show was created by groups of participants working alongside professional theatre makers, and involved physical theatre, live music, and storytelling.


The piece toured London parks during summer 2006.


Performer - Trumpet

The Gathering was a huge participatory project that took place during the spring and summer of 2005.


Four intergenerational groups, or 'clans' met on a weekly basis, each working on a different story from a point of the compass.  

The show was an outdoor promenade performance drawn from stories from China, Mali, India and Norway, all with the common theme of food.  The four stories were then brought together with a fifth framing story and the entire piece was performed outdoors in Southwark Park in August 2005.

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