The Coegi is a music and dance company founded by Wilfred Petherbridge and choreographer Grace Nicol

They were awarded Stockholm Fringe festival's 'Young Stoff' award for 'Rural Living'.


Grace Nicol (Choreographer/Artistic Director)

Wilfred Petherbridge (Composer/Artistic Director)

Ben Hauke (Performer/Collaborator)

Theo Samsworth (Performer/Collaborator)

Lucy Freeman (Performer/Collaborator) 

Valerie Ebuwa (Performer/Collaborator)


Stockholm Fringe Festival - Rural Living -  23/10/15

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance - Rural Living - 19/10/15

The London Bubble - Rural Living - 17/10/15

Resolution 2015! - Rural Living - 28/01/15

Northampton University - Rural Living - 17/01/15 

AMATA - Residency - 12/01/15 - 16/01/15 

Motus Emerging Choreographers Platform - 28/09/14

NN project space residency (funded by NN Contemporary) - 10/09/14 - 14/09/14


Showcase of all London School of Fashions MA Costume for Performance students. All pieces were composed and choreographed in response to students work. These pieces were made in collaboration with choreographers Peta Lily and Jen Irons.

The performance took place at the Saddlers Wells' Lilian Baylis Theatre in December 2017


The world will end on February 12th 2015.  

Join us for one last dance.


For this piece James chose to work using previously composed 'MORGAWR' as the ending section of music.


A collaborative project with designer, Charley Fone and choreographer James Morgan. First workshopped as part of 'Exit Visa', The Place's professional development programme. First performed at The Place as part of the Resolutions! Festival 2015.


"Uninhibited, subtly powerful"

Graham Watts (Chairman of Critics' Circle Dance Section)


"A piece that teetered on the edge of profundity... This collaboration is exciting"

Resolution! Review

Commissioned by the Impermanence Dance Theatre company. 

Recorded at the Kings Weston House in Bristol. 


Matt Webb - Double Bass 

Owen Ridley-DeMonick - Cello


Impermanence Dance Theatre was formed in the winter of 2010. A group of friends came together to search for new ways of making work and living as a dance artists. IDT has worked with over 25 artists, accessed various local communities, and has performed in the South West, London, Italy and Germany. We have received support, critical acclaim and deep appreciation both at home and away.


The company aspires to create work that has a deep resonance with any audience by exploring and then displaying personal stories, internal landscapes and socially relevant themes in a poetic and physical way.


Music performed for a segment of the LUSTRUM performance at the Greenwich Dance Agency in November 2013. 


‘As creative artists we have instincts which generally, in dance making, we don't listen to. We tend to over think ideas and blur our vision with outside interferences and knowledge. LUSTRUM is designed to listen to these instincts and act upon them.  Like an abstract painter such as Pollock or Bacon would do, but using bodies and movement as our canvas. The challenge is that we do it all together, as one, creating beautiful creative clashes and collisions. It’s a stressful but rewarding project.’ -  Gary Clarke (LUSTRUM Director)


‘Gary Clarke’s Lustrum is a truly innovative, exciting way to create new work and a fantastic professional development opportunity for dance artists and choreographers. It has had great success in Liverpool, Leeds and Edinburgh already, and we are delighted that through our partnership with Trinity Laban, we are able to bring it to Greenwich for its London debut.  - Kat Bridge (Interim Artistic Director at Greenwich Dance)

LUSTRUM (2013)

Choreographed by Holly Beasley-Garrigan

Open Up was an exploration into the defenitions of performance. Inspired by Mette Ingvartsen's research and writing surrounding the functions of rehearsal as performance.

OPEN UP (2012)

SHAKTI (2011)

Harriet Quinn created a conceptual score that has been developed through collaboration and an interchangeable, experimental process. Establishing emotional, traditional, and memory embodiment. The emphasis of the creative process was placed on what it means to be a women and the significance of womanhood. Developed from personal experience and interpretation. SHAKTI was created using Improvisation techniques and elements of Kathak (South Asian Dance). 


SHAKTI was performed at The Performance Centre in Penryn as part of the LiveDart Festival in 2011.