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Former frontman of UK outfit The Maccabees returns after their 2016 split with his first solo material. Two UK tours have been completed thus far and his first album is to be released June 2020.

Orlando Weeks - Vocals

Sami El-enany - Keyboards

Luca Caruso - Percussion

Wilfred Petherbridge - Trumpet/Electronics

★★★ - NME


DAM-SLO is a collaboration between Wilfred Petherbridge and Ben Hauke.

The Petherhauke EP was written and produced over a number of years whilst the pair were attending university in Falmouth and Cambridge. It brings together Ben's love of experimental sample based music and Wilfred's interest in electronic brass music. 

Ben Hauke - Beats/Percussion

Wilfred Petherbridge - Vocals/Keys/Trumpet/Euphonium 


GIRTH WIND AND FIRE played together throughout the winter in Copenhagen in 2013/2014. The band is the brainchild of composer/bassplayer  Asger Thomsen. The record relies heavily on improvised technique whilst driving home heavy melody. We recorded this EP and played on the radio.

Recorded in March 2014 in Odense, Denmark. 

All pieces composed by Asger Thomsen. 

Asger Thomson - Bass 
Hans Henrik Thomsen - Percussion 
Jeppe Zeeberg - Piano 
Sven Dam Meinild - Saxophone 
Wilfred John Nash Petherbridge - Trumpet


CHOY DRAGON was a band made up of Brian Brough, Oli Mason and Wilfred Petherbridge. The group was created as a output for the trio's experimental instrumental tastes whilst studying together at Falmouth University. They went through various stages of composition style; initially writing more traditional instrumental pieces, then later choosing to improvise their recording sessions and live sets and eventually enlisting the help of visual artist Felix Prater who brought the addition of live projections to the set.

Brian Brough - Keys 
Oli Mason - Drums 
Wilfred John Nash Petherbridge - Trumpet/Flugel/Electronics

Felix Prater - Visuals


TIGER YEARS came together after Brian Brough and Jack Wolter moved from the Isle of Man to study in Falmouth in 2011. With the addition of Oli Mason, Wilfred Petherbridge and Allister Kellaway the band provided a welcome atmosphere for each member to offer individual musical ideas. This collaborative approach saw the band swapping instruments, taking turns to sing lead and subsequently offering a truly eclectic group of songs.

Brian Brough - Bass/Guitar/Melodica/Vocals
Allister Kellaway - Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Oli Mason - Drums/Vocals 
Wilfred John Nash Petherbridge - Bass/Guitar/Trumpet/Vocals
Jack Wolter - Bass/Guitar/Vocals 


SOMA came together in Falmouth in 2011. Artur Tixiliski, Johnny Prior, Fiona de Wert, Clyde Kramer, Wilfred Petherbridge and Calum Findlay added progressive elements to blend afro-beat, hi-life, samba and bosa. After taking a short hiatus the band reformed in Bristol in 2016. With the loss of Calum but the gain percussionist Oli Mason the band released their second EP in Spring 2017.

Artur Tixiliski - Guitar/Vocals
Clyde Kramer - Drums 
Fiona de Wert - Bass/Vocals
Jonny Pryor - Guitar/Djembe/Vocals 
Wilfred Petherbridge - Trumpet/Vocals

Oli Mason - Percussion


RAFIKI met in Falmouth in 2012 aiming to produce funk based progressive guitar music. Their music combines vocal harmonies, impressive percussive melody and challenging songwriting structure. The self released second EP One By One saw Wilfred Petherbridge being added to the line up.

Louis Crump - Bass 
Ollie Renouf Donaldson - Drums 
Graham McHale - Guitar/Vocals
Henry Nicholson - Guitar/Vocals

Wilfred John Nash Petherbridge - Trumpet/Vocals


Daisy Moon, Benjamin Cerigo and Luke Dolman met at Dartington College in 2010. The trio aimed to produce experimental music that revolved heavily around the individuality of Moon's voice and Cerigo's compositional style. The group asked Wilfred Petherbridge to join as part of their final performances in 2012.

Daisy Moon - Vocals

Benjamin Cerigo - Bass/Electronics

Luke Dolman - Drums

Wilfred Petherbridge - Trumpet


Harry Daniels, Freddie Nice, Richard Flanagan, Donald MacKay and Wilfred Petherbridge made up the progressive punk band PANDA OBSCURA. They formed in 2016 in South East London.

Freddie Ostwald Nice - Drums
Wilfred Petherbridge - Rhodes/Trumpet

Donald Mackay - Bass
Harry Daniels - Guitar
Richard Flanagan - Vocals


CHARLY BROWN formed in 2002 when Ozan Erkas, Tom Bem, Elliot Batten and Wilfred Petherbridge met at secondary school in South East London. With the addition of horn section Vinnie Moriaty-Barron, Nathaniel Cross and John MacNaughton they played an energetic form of brass heavy ska. In 2004 Bem left the band to be replaced by Jack Goodwin-King.

Ozan Erkas - Bass

Lavinia Moriarty-Barron - Alto-Sax

Elliot Batten - Drums

John MacNaughton - Soprano-Sax

Nathaniel Cross - Trombone

Wilfred Petherbridge - Vocals/Trumpet

Jack Goodwin-King - Guitar

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